Nurses work in ever-changing healthcare environments. Hence, learning plays a key role in their professional development, job satisfaction and the continuous improvement of patient care. Continuing professional development (CPD) is central to nurses’ lifelong learning and constitutes a vital aspect for keeping nurses’ knowledge and skills up-to-date.
This is what underpinned Kenyatta University Teaching, Research and Referral Hospital to start the KUTRRH Training Institute for Specialized Nursing (TISN) in 2021, a tertiary institution accredited by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK). TISN opened its door to its first students in November 2021.
The goal of the Institution is to provide outstanding education within the Kenyan system and produce the highest quality of specialized nurses. The Institute provides a conducive learning environment that enhances the nurses’ academic and personal development by incorporating high-level academic knowledge with practical learning.

The Institute currently offers two courses in specialized Nursing: Oncology Nursing and Critical Care Nursing. To address critical skill gaps, the Training Institute is rolling out two more programs in September this year- Perioperative Nursing and Nephrology Nursing.
The next intake will be in September 2022 for the programs, the Institute invited applications from qualified candidates for admission into the courses for the academic year 2022/2023.

From our Directorate of Training, the students are exposed to World class teaching facilities within the hospital. The hospital’s state-of-the-art medical equipment enhances the practical competencies and learning experience of the students. For instance, TISN’s Oncology students are the first students to learn within an Integrated molecular
Imaging Centre (IMIC). Thus, they provide comprehensive care to patients with cancer.
TISN promotes active and independent learning. Apart from having a physical library, the Institute has e-learning resources and access to nursing journals for its students to ensure that they increase the scope of learning at their convenience. A well-equipped computer laboratory with access to internet is also available to our students for quick reference and access to learning materials.
The students also participate in Continuous Medical Education as learners and educators to ensure that they are updated on changing medical technologies and emerging medical trends. The Institute offers a highly professional and open-minded education that incorporates a strong sense of ethics and responsibilities. The learning management sys-
tem assists the students and tutors to engage online, and this ensures that the graduates of the Institute remain competitive.

KUTRRH has partnered with international institutions in various programs. Since we are living in a global world, a TISN education enables its students to rise to new challenges anywhere in the world through exposing them to the various programs, thus helping them to fulfill their true potential.
The Institute encourages staff and students to embark upon a journey of lifelong learning and self-development through study,research, and academic activities. This contributes to the training of a highly skilled and better prepared specialized nurse.

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