The KUTRRH Hospital Management Information System (HMIS); a one-stop-shop digital solution for quality patient-centred care has gone live.

The goal of launching the system is to facilitate a digital transformation in the provision of patient-centred and evidence-based healthcare, training, research and innovation.

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The HMIS will bring about the following benefits to the patients, hospital, healthcare providers and the Kenyan Citizens at large:

  • Promote patient safety through enhanced efficiency, reduction of delays, elimination of incorrect or incomplete information and speed of information flow.
  • Manages the patients’ journey throughout the treatment process.
  • Provides data that will facilitate strategic decision-making and evidence-based patient care.
  • Facilitates optimal use and management of hospital resources.
  • Guarantees safety and ease of access to documents.
  • Improves employee productivity.
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Reinforces accountability, eliminating the possibility of financial loss or misappropriation.
  • Effective and efficient service delivery which improves patient delight, staff satisfaction and institutional assurance.
KUTRRH HMIS champions

The system also features the following mobile apps to facilitate quality patient-centred care:

Doctors APP: Allows doctors to monitor and treat patients from a remote location. It also enables them to view the patient and drug interaction information and the medication knowledge bases.

Management APP: It allows key decision-makers to view HMIS reports and data to enable them to make sound business decisions.

Patients APP: Allows patients to look up for a consultant, locate their office, or call to ask a question or schedule an appointment.

Nurses APP: Allows the nurse to enter vitals and nursing assessment details for out-patients instantly before sending the patient to the doctor chamber for consultation.

Other important mobile apps include Referral Doctor APP, Feedback APP and Support Ticketing APP

KUTRRH is focused on improved citizen experience by quality patient-centred care and through stable systems and operations, visibility and digital innovation.

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