Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral & Research Hospital (KUTRRH) is in the process of establishing an Integrated Molecular Imaging Centre (IMIC). The Project seeks to establish the first ever public Comprehensive Cancer Centre in the country and the region. The Hospital is therefore seeking to recruit highly transformative and dynamic self-driven individuals with a high degree of integrity, professionalism and competence to fill the following positions in the Centre.

  1. Nuclear Medicine Physicians – KUTRRH/IMIC/DCSNMPN/276 Positions: 2
  2. Radio Pharmacists – KUTRRH/IMIC/DCSRADP/277 Positions: 3
  3. Nuclear Medicine Technologists – KUTRRH/IMIC/DCSNMTEC/278 Positions: 9
  4. Production Chemists/Radio Chemists KUTRRH/IMIC/DCSRADC/279 Positions: 3
  5. Quality Control Chemists KUTRRH/IMIC/DCSQCC/280 Positions: 2
  6. Cyclotron Operators KUTRRH/IMIC/DCSCO/281 Positions: 2
  7. Medical Nuclear Physicists KUTRRH/IMIC/DCSMNP/282 Positions: 3
  8. Radiation Safety Officer KUTRRH/IMIC/DCSRADSO/283 Positions: 1


Download Job Descriptions for IMIC Jobs.

Additional positions in other Departments within KUTRRH

  1. Cardiology Nurses KUTRRH/DNSCARDN/250 Positions: 3
  2. Pain Management Nurses KUTRRH/DNSPMN/251 Positions:2
  3. Oncology Nurses KUTRRH/DNSONCON/252 Positions: 10
  4. Perioperative/Theatre Nurses KUTRRH/DNSPERIN/253 Positions: 5
  5. Wound and Stoma Care Nurses KUTRRH/DNSWSCN/254 Positions: 5
  6. Palliative Care Officers KUTRRH/DNSPCO/255 Positions: 2
  7. Midwifery Nurses KUTRRH/DNSMIDN/256 Positions: 2
  8. Pediatric Nurses KUTRRH/DNSPAEDN/257 Positions: 2
  9. Senior Mortician KUTRRH/DCSSMORT/258 Positions: 1
  10. Radiologist KUTRRH/DCSRADIOL/259 Positions: 2
  11. Radio-oncologist KUTRRH/DCSRADIOO/260 Positions: 1
  12. General Pediatrician KUTRRH/DCSGPAED/261 Positions: 1
  13. Orthopedics/Trauma Specialist KUTRRH/DCSORTHTS/262 Positions: 1
  14. Radiographers KUTRRH/DCSRADIOG/263 Positions: 8
  15. Security Manager KUTRRH/DCSASM/264 Positions: 1
  16. Chief Finance Officer KUTRRH/DFSPCFO/265 Positions: 1
  17. Strategy & Planning Manager KUTRRH/DFSPSPM/266 Positions: 1
  18. Senior Manager Administrative Services KUTRRH/DCSASMAS/267 Positions: 1
  19. Corporate Communications Manager KUTRRH/DCSACCM/268 Positions: 1
  20. Monitoring & Evaluation Manager KUTRRH/DSFPMEM/269 Positions: 1
  21. Marketing Officer KUTRRH/DCSAMO/270 Positions: 1
  22. Public Relations Officer KUTRRH/DCSAPRO/271 Positions: 1
  23. General Records Management Officer KUTRRH/DCSAGRMO/272 Positions: 1
  24. Research Officers KUTRRH/DTRIRO/273 Positions: 2
  25. Innovation Officers KUTRRH/DTRIRO/274 Positions: 2
  26. Legal Officer KUTRRH/LEGO/275 Positions: 1


Download Job Descriptions for Other Positions.

All the positions listed above will be on Permanent and Pensionable Terms of Service.

The deadline for the receipt of all applications was 15th June 2020.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

All shortlisted candidates must fulfill the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, including;
• Certificate of good conduct from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations
• Clearance Certificate from the Higher Education Loans Board (for University graduates only)
• Tax Compliance Certificate from the KRA
• Clearance from Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission
• A report from an approved Credit Reference Bureau

Please take note that all communication to potential candidates is specifically through KUTRRH emails.
Any form of canvassing will lead to immediate disqualification.


KUTRRH is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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