KUTRRH invites tenders and pre-qualification of various goods, works and services for the Financial Year 2019-2020 from interested eligible bidders as per the instructions provided here under.

Those who download Tender Documents from this website MUST send their particulars immediately for recording and any further clarification and addenda via email to KUTRRH’s Procurement Office: procurement@kutrrh.go.ke


1. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/003/SMI/2019-2020 – Provision of Staff Medical Insurance Services

2. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/004/MV/2019-2020 – Provision of Motor Vehicle Insurance Services

3. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/005/WIBA/2019-2020 – Provision of Insurance Services – Personal Insurance (Work Injury, Employers Liability & Group Personal Accident)

4. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/006/FBFI/2019-2020 – Provision of Fire, Burglary and Fidelity Insurance Services

5. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/007/INSIND/2019-2020 – Provision of Indemnity Insurance Services

6. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/008/SEC/2019-2020 – Provision of Security Services

7. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/009/TEL/2019-2020 – Provision of Telephoning Equipment and Services

8. KUTRRH /TNDR/G/011/COMP/2019-2020 – Supply and Delivery of Computers, Laptops and Accessories

9. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/012/HMIS/2019-2020 – Supply, Delivery and Implementation of Hospital Management Information System – Download Tender Document Download The Scoring Criteria

10. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/013/ SOFTWARE/2019-2020 – Purchase of Software

11. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/014/ SDISE/2019-2020 – Supply, Delivery and Installation of Security Equipment

12. KUTRRH /TNDR/G/015/HCON/2019-2020 – Purchase of Hospital Consumables

13. KUTRRH /TNDR/G/016LINEN/2019-2020 – Supply and Delivery of Linen and Clothing

14. KUTRRH /TNDR/G/017/SFF/2019-2020 – Supply and Delivery of Furniture and Fittings

15. KUTRRH /TNDR/S/018/SDCUC/2019-2020 – Supply and Delivery of Cutlery, Utensils and Crockery


1. KUTRRH/TNDR/G/019/ICI/2019-2020 : Provision of Infections Control Items

2. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/020/SDF/2019-2020 : Supply and Delivery of Foodstuff

3. KUTRRH/TNDR/G/021/CLEANM/2019-2020 : Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials

4. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/022/CLN&SANT/2019-2020 : Provision of Cleaning & Sanitary Services

5. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/023/PLDC/2019-2020 : Provision of Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

6. KUTRRH/TNDR/G/024/HIDI/2019-2020 : Provision of Health Infotainment & Digital Signage Services


(See download link below)

  1. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/025/CATE/2019-2020 : Provision of Catering Services (Women, Youth & PWD)
  2. KUTRRH/TNDR/G/026/PPMS/2019-2020 : Provision of Publicity and Marketing Services
  3. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/027/MEQP/2019-2020 : Provision of Repairs and Maintenance of Medical Equipment
  4. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/028/MEQPMT/2019-2020 : Provision of Repair and Maintenance of Non-Medical Equipment
  5. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/029/BLDREP/2019-2020 : Provision of Repair of Buildings and Infrastructural Development-Minor Works
  6. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/030/PMVM/2019-2020 : Provision of Motor Vehicles Maintenance Services
  7. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/031/EXTTRV/2019-2020 : Provision of External and Local Travel
  8. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/033/SFHC/2019-2020 : Supply and Delivery of Funeral Home Consumables
  9. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/034/RMF&F/2019-2020 : Provision of Repairs and Maintenance of Furniture and Fitting
  10. KUTRRH/TNDR/G/035/NEWS/2019-2020 : Supply of Newspapers, Journals and Magazines
  11. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/036/SCSI/2019-2020 : Provision of Seminars and Conferences and Staff Induction
  12. KUTRRH/TNDR/G/037/SDCS/2019-2020 : Supply and Delivery of Office Consumables and Stationery
  13. KUTRRH/TNDR/G/038/PS/2019-2020 : Provision of Printing Services
  14. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/039/PCS/2019-2020 : Provision of Ceremonial Services
  15. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/040/ICTI/2019-2020 : Provision of ICT infrastructural Services
  16. KUTRRH/TNDR/G/041/CCTV/2019-2020 : Supply, Delivery and Installation of CCTV Cameras
  17. KUTRRH/TNDR/G/042/MVL/2019-2020 : Provision of Motor Vehicle Lease
  18. KUTRRH/TNDR/G/043/ME/2019-2020 : Supply and Delivery of Medical Equipment
  19. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/045/BRAND/2019-2020 : Provision of Hospital Branding Services (Women, Youth & PWD)
  20. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/046/PFS/2019-2020 : Provision of Fumigation Services (Women, Youth & PWD)

Click here to DOWNLOAD the tender document for Category C Tenders (Excluding Tender No. 8)

8. KUTRRH/TNDR/S/032/CONSULT/2019-2020 : Provision of Consultancy Services


Please note

  • Interested eligible candidates may obtain further information from and inspect the tender documents at KUTRRH Procurement Department during normal working hours 8.am – 5.pm, Monday – Friday.
  • A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested candidates upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs 1,000 to be deposited in:-
    Bank Name: Kenya Commercial Bank
    Branch: Thika Road Mall
    Account Name: Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral & Research Hospital
    Account Number: 1258637243
  • Those who buy the tenders are advised to take the bank slip to the Cashier to be issued with an official receipt before collecting the tender documents from Procurement Department during normal working hours, Monday-Friday.
  • Prequalification/Registration of supplier’s document will be issued free of charge or downloaded from the website as indicated above.
  • Completed tender documents shall be sealed and marked as stated in the tender document and be deposited in the “Tender Box” Located at KUTRRH, Main Reception, Ground Floor so as to reach us on or before Friday, 2nd August, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Download Addendum: Extension of Tender Closing date notice
    Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderer’s or their representatives who may choose to attend at KUTRRH Boardroom.

NOTE: Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

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