Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH), a leading National Referral hospital was established in January 2019 through the Legal Order No. 4 of 2019. It is a State Corporation under the Ministry of Health. The Hospital started operations in October, 2019.
The Vision of KUTRRH is to be a premier hospital renowned for clinical excellence, education and Research. The hospital has a highly specialized cancer treatment center and is in the process of setting up an Integrated Molecular Imaging Centre (IMIC) for cancer diagnosis and treatment, the first of its kind in the region. Being a comprehensive medical facility unit, Cancer Center, Trauma & Orthopedics, Renal and A&E are fully operational. The hospital is in the process of opening up other specialized units including Cardiology, Pediatric, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Acupuncture, ENT, Neuro-Surgery, Dentistry and others.

1 Physicians KUTRRH/DCS/PHY/292
2 Obstetricians & Gynaecologists KUTRRH/DCS/OBGYN/293
3 Accidents & Emergency Specialists KUTRRH/DCS/ACEMS/294
4 Trauma & Orthopedics Specialists KUTRRH/DCS/TORTS/295
5 Pathologists KUTRRH/DCS/PATH/296
6 General Surgeons KUTRRH/DCS/GS/297
7 Anesthesiologists KUTRRH/DCS/AN/298
8 Renal Specialists KUTRRH/DCS/RENS/299
9 Cardiologists KUTRRH/DCS/CARD/300
10 Radiologists KUTRRH/DCS/RADL/305
11 Pediatrics and Child Health Specialists KUTRRH/DCS/PEDCHS/306
12 Radio Oncologists KUTRRH/DCS/RADONC/307
13 Medical Oncologists KUTRRH/DCS/MEONC/308
14 Nuclear Medicine Physicians KUTRRH/DCS/NMPHY/309
15 Radio Pharmacists KUTRRH/DCS/RADPH/310
16 Nuclear Medicine Technologists KUTRRH/DCS/NMTECH/311
17 Production Chemists/Radio Chemists KUTRRH/DCS/PRODC/312
18 Quality Control Chemists KUTRRH/DCS/QCC/313
19 Cyclotron Operators KUTRRH/DCS/CCO/314
20 Medical Nuclear Physicists KUTRRH/DCS/MNPHY/315
21 Molecular Diagnostics Specialists KUTRRH/DCS/MDS/316
22 Hospital Administrators KUTRRH/DCSA/HOSPA/318


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The deadline for the receipt of all applications was 28th August 2020.

The successful candidates will be offered an attractive remunerative package which includes a basic salary and allowances. The Hospital will facilitate travel for the successful candidates and assist in acquiring work permits and job placement for spouses where possible.

These jobs are for a two (2) year renewable contract.


Qualified Kenyans living abroad as well as experts from other nationalities are encouraged to apply.

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