Infection control and prevention first graduation

On 16th September 2022, KUTRRH Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) unit held a successful graduation ceremony for trainees in infection control.
The theme of the event was ‘infection control is in your hands’. The graduating team had undergone a comprehensive training programme comprising of 18 modules on infection prevention and control under International Center for Aid care and Treatment (ICAP).
The training programme at KUTRRH was carried out by ICAP to increase knowledge in infection prevention and
control (IPC) through an e-learning campaign for clinicians. Key learning areas covered included transmission based precautions, waste management,standard precautions, environmental cleaning, instrumental & equipment
processing, education & training, and HAI surveillance.

KUTRRH identified the fact that in most cases were more sick people congregate it creates more opportunities for
micro-organism to spread within the patient, visitors, and healthcare workers thus creation of IPC KUTRRH to reduce the spread of infection especially within the hospital with the primary goal:
To prevent susceptible patients from acquiring pathogenic (disease-causing) micro-organisms and limit the spread of antimicrobial-resistant infections.
The event was graced by KUTRRH Board Chairperson, Prof. Olive Mugenda, KUTRRH CEO, Mr. Ahmed
Dagane, ICAP representatives, Director (Clinical Services), Dr Victor Njom, among others. In her address to the
graduands, Prof. Mugenda commended the team for their effort. She encouraged them to share learnt knowledge and skills with their colleagues in the hospital for greater impact on service delivery.
ICAP helped the IPC team to be well equipped with knowledge and tools that would help them save lives and reduce the spread of micro-organisms in the hospital. If any problems arise the team
is well trained to treat and prevent the spread. To mark the end of their studies the members were each presented with a certificate by the Chairperson in recognition of their success

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