Hospital Based Health Technology Assessments (HB-HTA)

Hospital Based Health Technology Assessments (HB-HTA)

1. Needs Assessment

This begins by conducting a needs assessment to identify the most pressing healthcare challenges in the hospital
and broader healthcare system in Kenya and in the African region.

2. Formation of a Multidisciplinary Team

Assembling a team of experts with diverse backgrounds, including clinicians, economists, epidemiologists and other
relevant professionals. Collaboration is key to a successful HTA.

3. Selecting the Technology/Intervention

Choose a healthcare technology or intervention that addresses a priority healthcare problem. It could be a new
medical device, drug, diagnostic test, or healthcare program.

4. Systematic Review

Performing a comprehensive systematic review of the existing literature to gather evidence on the technology’s
effectiveness, safety, cost-effectiveness, and impact on patient outcomes. Use tools like PRISMA for guidance on conducting systematic reviews.

5. Economic Evaluation

Assessing the cost-effectiveness of the technology by conducting economic evaluations, such as cost-effectiveness
analysis (CEA) or cost-utility analysis(CUA). Consider the local context, costs, and effectiveness data.

6. Ethical and Societal Considerations

Evaluating the ethical and societal implications of implementing the technology, especially in the local cultural
and socioeconomic context.

7. Engage Stakeholders

Involving key stakeholders, including healthcare providers, policymakers, patients, and community representatives, throughout the HTA process to ensure relevance and buy-in.

8. Policy Recommendations

Based on the evidence generated, formulation of policy recommendations that align with KUTRRH and local
healthcare priorities and resource constraints.

9. Dissemination and Capacity Building

Sharing the HTA findings through reports, presentations, and publications. Additionally, invest in capacity building
by training healthcare professionals and policymakers in HTA methodologies.

10. Monitoring and Evaluation

Establishing a system for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of HTA recommendations and the impact
on healthcare outcomes.

In adapting HTA to the local context, KUTRRH will seek guidance from regional HTA organizations or experts who have experience in healthcare evaluation in Africa. Collaboration with international organizations can also provide valuable insights and support for HTA initiatives in the region.

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Hospital Based Health Technology Assessments (HB-HTA)


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