Free Dental Service On World Oral Health Day 2021

Oral diseases are a major health concern for many countries and negatively impact people throughout their lives. These diseases cause pain and discomfort, social isolation and loss of self-confidence, and they are often linked to other serious health complications. KUTRRH is seeking to alleviate these challenges by offering free dental service on world oral health day 2021.

KUTRRH Free Dental Service World Oral Health Day 2021World Oral Health Day

World Oral Health Day is an initiative of FDI World Dental Federation; an organization that brings together the world of dentistry with the aim of achieving optimal oral health for everyone. On 20 March every year, we ask the world to unite to help reduce the burden of oral diseases, which affect individuals, health systems and economies everywhere.

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KUTRRH Dental ServiceThere is no reason to suffer; most oral health conditions are largely preventable and can be treated in their early stages.

This year the theme is “Be Proud of Your Mouth.” In line with this, we want to inspire change by focusing on the importance of oral health for overall health.

Good oral health can help you live longer, and lead a healthier life; something worth taking action for.

The Dental department wants to observe this in celebration of WOHD 2021 by;

  1. Offering free dental consultation and referral of cases to the KUTRRH Dental Clinic
  2. Providing oral health awareness and education
  3. Providing oral hygiene practices
  4. Providing toothbrushes and dentifricesKUTRRH invites all individuals to for free screening and consultation on dental health
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