First Ear Surgery At KUTRRH

KUTRRH witnessed the first head and neck multidisciplinary surgery case that was conducted by Dr. Lilian Mokoh, an ENT surgeon, Dr. Getachew a Head and Neck specialist, and Dr. J.P Ogalo a plastic surgeon.

According to Dr. Mokoh, the patient had Basal Cell carcinoma of the ear canal. The patient has albinism, and this is a common condition among them due to exposure to sunlight.

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The ENT surgeon together with the Head and Neck surgeon removed the tumour and the ear canal and part of her ear lobe. Such wide resection is encouraged to decrease the chances of tumour recurrence. The plastic surgeon then reconstructed the ear.

According to the surgeons, the patient is happy because she retained her ear which is very important to her as she wears spectacles, she still retains her beauty after the reconstruction as she does not have to live with half an earlobe. The patient will be followed up at the ENT and Plastic Surgery Unit.

According to Dr. Lilian Mokoh, medics from different specializations acting together like in this case is proof that a multidisciplinary approach is key in patient cantered care.

Dr. Mokoh is thankful to the National Council for Persons with Disabilities for having met the expenses of the operation.

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