KUTRRH has commissioned a Drinking Water Purification System donated by Interphase Food Company. The system was commissioned by Hon. Sabina Chege, the Chairperson of the National Assembly’s Health Committee on 22nd April 2022. The Purification system was handed over to KUTRRH by Ms. Anne Nyokabi on behalf of Interphase Food Company.

The system was commissioned by Hon. Sabina ChegeThe water in the system undergoes several purification processes which makes it very safe for consumption, a process which is cost-effective since no refilling of water is needed as it draws from the locally available supply and then purifies it. Ms Nyokabi spoke about the new filtration system, revealing that it had the potential to reduce water waste by almost 90%

Speaking during the function, Prof. Olive Mugenda, the Chairperson of KUTTRH’s Board thanked Interphase Food Company for the generous gesture.

Prof. Mugenda noted that purified water is essential within all hospital environments and the system will aid across a diverse range of applications like ensuring that contaminants are not introduced into subsequent stages of critical processes such as sterilization, infection control and renal dialysis.

Drinking Water Purification System For KUTRRH, a premier Hospital- the provision of purified water is very critical to enhancing the patient experience. KUTRRH is working on a purification plant to serve patients across the wards and in specialized clinics.

Article by: Frank Gitau and Wikistar Ademo – Communications & Marketing

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