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Deepening Collaborations: KU Hospital, University of Manchester & Christie Foundation.

Deepening Collaborations: KU Hospital, University of Manchester & Christie Foundation.

Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH), with the support of the Office of the president is set to collaborate with The Christie Foundation Trust UK & University of Manchester from the United Kingdom.

The Christie Foundation Trust, based in Manchester, is a leading expert in cancer care, education and research. The University of Manchester, on the other hand, is a large institution with numerous branches that offers specialised healthcare, research, and training.

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Collaboration between these three facilities will:

  • Help improve our capacity to offer specialised healthcare on diseases such as cancer, kidney disease, mental health, paediatrics, among others.
  • Get support to establish a comprehensive cancer care facility at KUTRRH.
  • Effectively reverse the outflow of Kenyans seeking healthcare abroad and increase medical tourism through improved medical care.
  • Facilitate the commencement of clinical trials and other forms of medical research.
  • Get us closer to achieving universal health (UHC) coverage with is part of the Big 4 agenda.
  • Facilitate training and capacity building of our staff in an exchange programme where some of the Kenyan medical staff will get the opportunity to train and serve in Britain.

KUTRRH is deeply committed to achieving its vision of enhancing the quality of lives through the provision of patient-centred and evidence-based health care, and training. This vision is driven by innovation, research, collaborations, and the use of state of the art technology.

The hospital strives to attain this vision within the shortest time possible by searching for the most effective and sustainable ways to do so. To this end, KUTRRH has purposed to partner and collaborate with various institutions within and outside our borders to deliver quality patient-centred care to Kenyans.

In these collaborations, more attention is paid to our key services such as cancer care, renal, trauma & orthopaedics, and accident and emergencies. Moreover, these collaborations are tailored to help improve the country’s healthcare expertise through specialised training, research and innovation capacity.

We sincerely appreciate the quick response of our UK partners when we called upon them. We perceive this as a sign of a genuine desire to partner with us to improve the health sector in the two countries.

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