Basic Kenya Sign Language Training


Duncan Busuru

International Relations Officer

According to Duncan Busuru, the International Relations Officer at the Integrated Molecular Imaging Centre (IMIC). “Passionate about improving patient journey, he was delighted to be nominated in the 2023 cohort in basic sign language training sponsored by the National Council for Persons with Disability (NCPWD). During routine briefings to patients / caregivers about IMIC services procedure, we occasionally experience a language barrier.. Training with Kenya Institute of Special Education ( KISE ), was empowering to say the least. The best session was one conducted by a deaf lecturer using visual gestural signs and happened to be the most engaging of them all.”



Basic Kenya Sign Language Training

Angela Mumbua,
Nursing Officer, Accident & Emergency

On her part Ms. Angela Mumbua, a Nursing Officer at the Accident and Emergency department, says, “My interest and passion resonated from a movie I watched at a very young age, ‘The Miracle
worker’ which was based on a true story of a young girl who was deaf and blind from birth. She learnt sign language which helped her communicate. Later she went ahead and achieved a B.A degree and went on to become a prominent author.”Ms. Mumbua adds that, “The KSL (Kenyan Sign Language) training was intense and involving. The learning sessions created by our facilitators KISE (Kenyan Institute of Special Education) and the amazing teachers has transformed my life for the better. The Kenyan Sign Language training has introduced an element of Inclusivity for deaf patients and all persons with disability seeking assistance at KUTRRH. The Hospital offers patient-centered care and endeavors to lead in the provision of evidence based care.”

Basic Kenya Sign Language Training

Jane Warui,
Customer Care Assistant

As for Jane Ngendo Warui, a Customer Care Assistant, she says, “my initial motivation was to develop new skills that would provide me with better opportunities, little did I know that the journey would exceed my expectations and touch every aspect of my life.” “I realized how beneficial it could be in real life situations and the hospital. During my daily work routine, I noticed deaf people struggle to communicate by writing down to express themselves. I imagined the struggle of someone who does not know how to write. This inspired me a lot to pursue sign and language.”



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