The Accident & Emergency department undertakes both medical and surgical emergencies. This is in light of the fact road carnages, and other forms of accidents that require immediate life-saving care are increasingly becoming a public health threat. The Department is on the frontline in offering emergency care for those who require it, thus saving lives. It is a well-equipped department with qualified staff ready to take in matters of life or death.

The A&E department lives up to this calling. The Department has a well-equipped theatre, X-Ray facility, a pharmacy and 13 beds. It also has a specialized vehicle that is used to ferry patients who are unable to walk. The staff in the Department are highly skilled in emergency care and thus able to respond accordingly to various cases.

Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services are an essential part of the Accident and Emergency department is the ambulance services and crew. These services include:

  • Basic Life Support Services (BCLS): Entails transfer of patients who do not need critical care.
  • Advanced Critical Life Support service (ACLS): Entails moving patients who need critical care services
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