A Pioneer In CyberKnife Treatment In Kenya

A Pioneer in CyberKnife Treatment in Kenya

CyberKnife is a form of advanced radiation therapy treatment, offering precise and effective treatment options for a wide range of medical conditions, especially cancer, while minimizing side effects and improving the overall patient experience.


Running A CyberKnife Centre

Ms. Ruth later joined Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust as a Senior Radiotherapist, where she developed her radiotherapy skills and knowledge even further. She took up more senior roles, including but not limited to carrying out complex technical radiotherapeutic procedures, patients assessment from pretreatment to treatment progress and side effects for onward referral to multi-disciplinary teams, engaging and collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams of physicists, clinicians, dosimetrists and nurses et al, managing the running of the unit, operations and care of all radiotherapy machines and reporting faulty ones to physicists and bio engineers for support.

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Pioneering CyberKnife Treatment in Kenya

She says “moving back to Kenya from London where she was settled with a big chain of family and friends is such a brave decision. I thank Prof Mugenda and the director of IMIC Isaac Kamau for recognizing my knowledge and skills and reaching out to me. I’m honored to be among the pioneers in CyberKnife in Kenya. I feel at home especially when attending to my patients and even give them an option of languages they can best understand. Having been away from Kenya for a long time, I’m slowly but surely adapting well with support from my colleagues especially Bradly, Waweru, Mary, Ann among others. They have taught me most commonly used phrases in Kenya. Her dream is to make a change in cancer care. Being diagnosed with cancer is not only financially draining but also emotionally distressing. She would like to ensure that all cancer patients and their families don’t feel alone since they have professionals walking the journey with them. She states that Kenya is a blessed country having acquired the CyberKnife. “As the CyberKnife Manager, I’m working in ways that provide the best modern care for patients using the new technology and treatments.”

The Journey

Ms. Ruth Manyagi

Ms. Ruth Manyagi is the Manager of the CyberKnife unit at KUTRRH.


From Kigumo to London

Ms. Ruth studied at Kigumo Primary School before joining Mumbi Girls High School both in Muranga after which she left for the UK to study computing and IT at Bardfield Technolgy Centre College. She says that’s where her passion and interest in healthcare and technology was born. Ms. Ruth joined the University of Bedfordshire and graduated with a B.Sc. Information Technology and later an M.Sc. in Computer Science. She thereafter started an IT company where she focused on ICT consultancy, software development, web design and IT equipment sales and services.

A Passion For Radiation Therapy Treatment

Even as she immersed herself into emerging IT technologies, her passion for healthcare and the medical field never waned. She enrolled at the University of Hertfordshire, where she graduated with a B.Sc. in Radiotherapy and Oncology. She says “my major area of expertise has been clinical consultancy, treatment planning, electron treatments, CT scanning, Cyberknife, Truebeam, Clinac, Brachytherapy, and skin markups. She worked as a junior Radiotherapist at Northampton General NHS Hospital - Noth West of London.

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And later at Cumberland Infirmary NHS Hospital- North of England. Then she rose to a Senior Radiotherapist at Maidstone and Turnbridge Wells NHS Hospital and later worked as a Senior Radiotherapist with Southend on Sea University NHS Hospital. Some of her main responsibilities in these jobs were working as part of a more experienced team of Radiotherapists in the daily organization and running of the unit, pretreatment and treatment processes, undertaking radio-therapeutic procedures in accordance with the industry’s standards, ensuring safety of everyone in the unit, effectively communicating to patients, their relatives and carers, staff and other stakeholders on the procedures among many other duties that ensured the patients were well taken care of.

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