Abram Muiruri is a 54-year-old with a heart problem that goes back to 1997 when he had an encounter with thugs who hit him most severely on the chest. He sought treatment immediately after and went home to heal his wounds. All seemed to go well until sometime in 1998, when he suffered some chest pains and sought medical attention. At that point, he was referred to a cardiac specialist who treated him, and he went home. However, in 2019, he began to suffer difficulties in breathing and sleeping. He would pant, and his legs would swell the entire length. He was admitted to a hospital and was put on medication, awaiting surgery. Still, the medicine worked well, and he was discharged without undergoing the surgery, but the challenges did not cease. In March 2023, he was referred to KUTRRH, where he was attended to as an outpatient, and he would visit the facility regularly for review. It became apparent that his condition required intense monitoring. So, in July 2023, he was admitted to KUTRRH as a cardiac patient. It was evident he needed an operation, but surgery was not possible because he had water in his chest, which had to be extracted. He also had TB, which aggravated his heart problem. So, a multidisciplinary team of medics was put together to address the complications. The team worked like clockwork and resolved the complications, and a week later, Abram underwent a heart operation. He stayed in the Hospital for one and a half months, starting at the HDU before he was moved to the Cardio-thoracic ICU and finally the general ward. He says he received incredible medical attention from the doctors and nurses at KUTRRH. The lead surgeon would visit him as early as 6am and in the evening to check on the patient’s progress until he was discharged into the hands of his wife, who was all joy knowing the condition that her husband suffered prior to the operation. Abram will now be coming to KUTRRH for review. He says the KUT

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