Unleashing The Power Of Team Service

Customer Service Week is celebrated annually in the first week of October. It is a time to recognize and appreciate the efforts of customer service teams across the globe. This year the theme of the Customer Service Week is “Team Service.”

The theme emphasizes the importance of collaboration, communication, and teamwork in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Customer service is a vital aspect of any organization. It is not only responsible for delivering outstanding experiences to customers but also for building long-lasting relationships and generating loyalty.

The concept of Team Service emphasizes the collaboration and teamwork that can be achieved when individuals work together towards a common goal. It acknowledges that excellent customer service is not the sole responsibility of a single individual but can be enhanced by the collective efforts of a team.

By acknowledging and celebrating the teamwork and cooperation within the customer service department, the team aims to foster a positive work environment and improve the quality of service provided to clients.

Customer Unleashing The Power Of Team Service

To celebrate Customer Service Week, the customer service team has donated diapers to new mothers at the maternity unit and sanitary towels to Cervical Cancer patients. The team has also visited patients in the wards offering them a token of appreciation and encouragement. Part of the Customer Service Week celebrations included tree planting at Kamiti Primary School and a Cake Cutting Ceremony to mark the climax during Customer Service Day 2023.

The celebrations were graced by the presence of Dr.Ruth Irumbi; Director of Administration Corporate Services who encouraged the team to be more empathetic while dealing with patients and relatives as this makes them feel heard and understood. After this, the team planted a tree outside the Accident and Emergency Unit.

Customer Service Week

These range of activities and events have highlighted the importance of collaboration, communication, and shared goals in delivering exceptional customer service in the hospital. By fostering a culture of teamwork and recognizing the efforts of our customer service team, KUTRRH aims to enhance the quality of service provided and strengthen relationships with clients. Team Service will not only improve daily operations but also contribute to the overall success of the hospital in the long run.

By Sarah Njoki

Customer Service Department.


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