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Specialised Care

We have comprehensive specialised clinics for adults and children where patients are attended to by highly specialised consultants using advanced medical equipment.


Our Hospital

Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral & Research Hospital (KUTRRH) is a leading National Referral Hospital with a 650-bed capacity and equipped with state-of-the-art medical amenities.

Specialised Training

The Training Institute For Specialised Nursing (TISN) currently offers Kenya Registered Critical Care, Oncology Perioperative and Nephrology Nursing Programs.

Our Services

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We are a level 6 National Referral Hospital that offers a wide range of specialized quality patient-centered health care.

  • Breast Care
  • Specialized Clinics
  • Surgery Services
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Wellness Centre

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Integrated Molecular Imaging Centre

Cancer Services

The Integrated Molecular Imaging Centre (IMIC) is a comprehensive cancer centre. It is a hallmark of the public health sector in Kenya and Africa region that aims to save more lives of the residents, regional and international patients through early screening. It is a unique facility for the early diagnosis and monitoring treatment of cancer. IMIC has specialized nuclear doctors that guarantee safe access to the state of the art technology not currently available in sub-Saharan Africa such as the first cyclotron and PET-CT based diagnostics & management of outpatient treatment plans.

Services offered include:

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