Telephone extensions

Chairperson Office - Secretary 11102
Chairperson Office - Monitoring & Evaluation1103
Chairperson Office - Secretary 21104
Customer Care1000
Senior Human Resource Officer1493
CEO Office - Secretary1106
CEO Office - Secretary1107
CEO Office - Administrator1108
Director, Human Resource Development1109
Deputy Director, Training & Capacity Building1112
Director, Nursing Services1113
Director, Clinical Service1114
Director, Nursing - Admin1116
Main Billing Office1127
Deputy Director, ICT & Innovation1128
Deputy Director, Gatundu Annex1131
Restaurant - Chef's Office1132
Director, Administration & Corporate Services1133
Neonatal ICU1134
A & E Pharmacy office1136
Training Manager -Assistant Admin1139
Deputy Director, Research and Clinical Trials1141
Olive ward1142
Biomedical engineering -HOD1143
CSC Admin Reception1146
ICT Applications, Web & Media1148
Deputy Director, ICT & Innovation (Admin. Asst.)1201
Senior Procurement Officer1203
Central Stores1204
Main Reception1205
Hospitality & Space Management1207
Transport Manager1208
Yala Ward1209
ICT Applications1210
Director, Human Resource Development -Admin1211
Finance - Accounts1212
Caretaker's Office1213
Project Manager's Office1215
Finance Office1217
Counseling & Liaison office1218
HoD, Pathology1219
Funeral Home - Technical Operation Area1220
Credit control manager1221
A & E Cashier1222
Insurance/ Billing 1223
Deputy Director, Nursing1224
Funeral Home - Manager1226
Funeral Home - Billing1227
Biomedical engineering1231
ICT Content Development & Media1232
ICT Networks & Infrastructure1233
Cashier Oncology1234
Main Gate1235
Rear Gate1236
Galana Ward1238
Security Office1239
Gas Plant1240
Nutrition Office1246
Nutrition HOD Office1247
Main Theatre Incharge office1248
ICT Applications1249
Human Resource - Payroll1250
Procurement Manager Admin1252
Nutrition Office1253
Project Management - Admin1254
Quality Assurance1255
Senior Admin - Clinical services1257
Ostrich Ward1258
Radiology - Health Records1259
Centry Registry1260
Quality Assurance Admin1262
Quality Assurance1263
Director, Planning, Strategy & Partnerships - Admin1267
Specialized Clinics - Admin1269
Training Manager 1272
Credit control 1275
Procurement Manager1277
Secretary HODs office- 3rd floor1278
Procurement Officer1279
3rd floor reception1280
ICT Graphics & Media1282
Kitchenette 3rd floor1283
ICT Web Development1284
ICT System Admin1285
Gatundu Annexe Admin secretary1287
Finance Accounts1288
Procurement Officer1291
Rehab - HoD1301
Accident & Emergency (A&E) - HoD1304
Renal & Dialysis unit1306
Rehab Department1307
Main Lab1308
Chief Lab Technologist1309
Oncology Ward1310
A&E Pharmacy1312
Radiology - CT Scan1313
A&E Nursing desk1314
Oncology Pharmacy1316
ICU Covid zone1317
Public Health office1318
Main Pharmacy1320
Funeral Home - Gate1322
Procurement Officer1323
Infection & control office1324
Records Office1325
Procurement Officer1326
Radiotherapy treatment/ control room1327
ICT Security1328
ICT Network & Infrastructure1333
IMIC - Director1335
Social Work office1336
Palliative Care1339
Radiotherapy Reception1341
Specialized Cinics Reception1346
Radiotherapy Planning1351
Biomedical Engineering department main office1353
Ngong Ward1354
Oncology Doctors1355
Pelican Ward1359
Reasearch and clinical Services Admin1360
Nursing Commodities & Supplies/ PPEs office1362
Deputy Director, Training & Capacity Building - Admin asst.1119
Director - Partnerships, Linkages & Resource Mobilization1121
Internal Auditor1122
Procurement Admin secretary1123
Admin Corporate Services1124
Main Pharmacy/ Supplies Office1125
Director, Administration & Corporate Services (Admin)1366
Transport Office1367
Specialized Clinics Triage1368
Comprehensive Care Clinic Triage1371
Radiology Reception1377
Oncology Outpatient Nurse1379
Director Research, Training and Innovation Building1383
Transport Assistant Manager1386
Corporate Communications1388
Marketing Dpt.1387
Family Conference Room1389
Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship1417
HMIS Support Team4444
Rehab - Registration1405
Finance - Payroll1431
Research Officer1432
Partnerships - Admin1433
Director, Training, Research & Innovation - Admin1434
Research and Clinical trials - Research officer1435
Public health1436
Administration & Corporate Services - Senior Admin1416
HMIS Support Team4445
Rehab-Staff lounge1438
Lily Ward1439
Counselling/ Community Liaison1440
Funeral Home - Health Records1441
Radiology - MRI scan1444
Imaging printing room1445
Housekeeper Ground floor (Main building)1500
Housekeeper second floor (Main building)1501
Kitchen stores1503
Chief Security Office 3rd Floor1509
Corporation Secretary1110
Director, Planning, Strategy & Partnerships1115
IMIC - Director (Admin)1701
Quality Assurance Manager1214
Human Resource Officer - Training1776
Human Resource - Recruitment1242
Human Resource - Registry1245
Director Nursing - Admin1265
Lilac Ward1268
Restaurant Cashier1281
HoD - Health Records1303
Oncology Chemotherapy - Customer Care1311
Internal Auditor Manager1344
Lab Quality Office1347
Lab Blood Donation1350
Funeral Home - Customer Service1356
Patients' Counselling Dpt.1361
Laundry Supervisor1409
Deputy Director, Nursing - Admin1412
HMIS Developer Support Team1462
Director - Clinical Services - Secretary1228
Restaurant Manager1229
Director - HR Development - Admin Assistant1276
Theatre Recovery1315
Senior Pharmacist1321
Oncology - Health Records1329
ICT Security1330
Contact Centre1558
Hospitality & Space Management - Admin1468
Senior Human Resource Officer1482
Human Resource Asst1479
Home-based Care1414
Specialized Clinics - Health Records1373
Radiology - HoD1392
Patients' Liaison Coordinator1410
Patient Liaison1418
Patient Liaison1419
Customer Care Supervisor1411
ICU Doctors Room1547
A & E Nurse-in-Charge1548
Orthopaedic clinic1550
SOPC 11551
SOPC 21552
Renal Nurse In-charge1507
Nutrition Outpatient Clinic1451
Oncology Outpatient Reception1378
IDU Ground Floor1449
Comprehensive Care Clinic & TB1406
Communications & Marketing Manager1578
Funeral Home - Senior Mortician1586
A & E Health Records1572
Oncology Outpatient - Health Records1381
Flamingo Ward1583
Swan Ward1587
IMIC Customer Care1700
HR Office1483
Main Kitchen1506
Finance - Accounts1510
Maternity Doctor1591
Mau Ward1557
A&E OPD Triage1400
Main Lab1455
Oncology Outpatien Triage1731
A&E OPD Cashier, Health Records1541
Legal Office1565
IMIC Hospitality Reception1600
IMIC Hospitality Supervisor1639
IMIC Hospitality Housekeeper1622
Health Records - IMIC1715
Chief Finance Officer (CFO)1623
CEO Office - Administrator1129
Wellness Centre1782
HoD, Pharmacy1302
Chief Finance Officer (CFO Admin)1734
Clinical Services Senior Admin (Admin Asst.)1256
Cedar Ward1750
ICT Support4400
Cath lab in-charge1788
A&E- Customer Care1930
A&E Outpatient Customer Care1592
Ultrasound Customer care/ Breast Cancer Reception1744
Breast Cancer Administrator1774
Senior Communications Officer1789
Public Health1437
Nursing -Directorate Senior Admin1535
Director, Training, Reserch & Innovation1463
HMIS Support1553
CSSD - Supervisor1484
Deputy Director, Nursing (Inpatient)1916
Endoscopy - Reception1910
Radiology - Cashier1567
Theatre - Cashier1331