The Biomedical Engineering Department is responsible for the installation, commissioning, inspection, calibration, maintenance, repair of Medical Equipment and management of all medical Gases.

How does radiation therapy work?
Special machines send high energy x-rays or particles to the cancer cells. This damages the genetic material within the cells so they can no longer grow and spread. Once this happens, the cancer cells die and the body naturally removes them. Normal cells can also be affected by radiation, but they are able to repair themselves in a way that cancer cells cannot.

KUTRRH blood donor unit improves patient outcomes by ensuring the availability of life-saving treatments. It has an 11-bed capacity in which 30-40 donors can donate their blood daily.

KUTRRH medical gases unit, has three constant supply sources of oxygen to the whole hospital. The facility has at least 650 oxygen outlets at every bed available. This requires keen oxygen management practices that will help in 24-hour supply to the hospital.

Our catering services include inpatient and outpatient catering, restaurants, boardroom services, and the IMIC Hospitality Centre.

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