KUTRRH has introduced thrombectomy to treat stroke cases. This is a modern medical procedure usedto treat patients suffering from acute ischemic stroke. It involves the insertion of a special device toremove blood clots blocking major blood vessels in the brain. An ischemic stroke occurs when a clotblocks a blood vessel supplying oxygen and nutrients to … Continue reading Thrombectomy

The KUTRRH Wound care unit was started in January 2021 led by a wound care/stoma specialist. Since then, the team has grown to 8 wound care nurses with different sub-specializations. • Stoma continence • Oncology wound care • Trauma wound care • Wound care & stoma continence specialists. The clientele has increased both in the … Continue reading Wound Care Clinic

Uterine Fibroid Embolization is a procedure to shrink noncancerous tumors in the uterus called uterine fibroids. It does not use major surgery, so you may recover faster. You also may not need to stay in the hospital.

These are devices that are placed in your body, usually by surgery, to support the electrical system in your heart. They can stabilize abnormal heart rhythms and prevent problems that can disrupt or endanger your life.

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