Prof. Mokhtar completed a B.Sc. in medicine and then a M.Sc. in Clinical Oncology at the Cairo University Kasr El Aini Medical School graduating in 1991 and 1996 respectively. In 2001 he completed his MD training in clinical oncology, also at the Cairo University Kasr El Aini Medical School.
Since 1996 he has held a number of posts at the Cairo University Kasr El Aini Medical School where he primarily and currently undertook clinical research, supervising numerous research programs, and developed critical teaching material. Since 2001 he has held the position of Professor of Clinical Oncology.
He has many publications in regional magazines in topics including, breast, lung, pediatric, colorectal and ovarian malignancies, NHL and hematologic malignancies. He collaborates in several trials, both regional and international, and is a scientific coordinator for many regional and international conferences. Prof. Mokhtar has been a speaker at conferences, both regional and international, including PAN ARAB, EURO-Mediterranean conferences and EASO classes at theKasr El Aini School of Oncology. Prof. Ibrahim is also an active member of the Arab Medical Association Against Cancer(AMAAC), the Egyptian Cancer society(ECS) and the Egyptian Hemato-oncology Group (EHOG).